Exploring Film Noir

I never intended to become a maker of fictional films, however, now I’m “in it to win it”. It’s almost 2014 and the wheels are already in motion for another year of films from Still Guerrilla! Films.

First up is a thrilling Film Noir short I’ll be filming on 16mm Black & White film. I’m so excited! After shooting, “Brag”, our entry for the 48 Hour Film Project, I realized I am truly in love with both vintage time periods and the look of Film Noir. I’m absolutely drawn to it.

I had ever intention of entering the Action Film Challenge in 2014 but I couldn’t keep my mind off of writing a film set in the 1940s. So I abandoned thoughts of doing the Action Film Challenge and began development for “The Pinup”, a lesbian themed, crime thriller I will shoot in the Film Noir style.

I’ve tasked myself with watching several Film Noir style films from the 1940s. I’ll be honest, I tried to watch many from the 1950s but the idiocy of the characters just made me angry. I don’t know what happened in the 1950s but it appears the best Film Noir style movies were produced in the 1940s (except “Witness for the Prosecution” which has to be the best movie of all time).

One of the things I noticed about Film Noir style movies from the 40s is the really clever dialogue between the characters. I also noticed the female characters were often sassy and witty and just as clever in tongue as the male characters.  Then for some strange reason women became complete airheads in films of the 50s and 60s with men being close behind.

At any rate, it’s on! “The Pinup” will certainly not be the last Film Noir style movie I make and I have a strange feeling it’s only the beginning.