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What is this film company really about?

Still Guerrilla! Films produces independent socially conscious short and feature films. As the film company grows, it will also focus on skill development so talent & crew can improve their skills as they work. The goal is to build a highly skilled crew  and talent pool to support upcoming future productions as well as create a fundraising committee for planning and implementing fun events which will help us make more films.

What's the deal with your budgets?

We don’t fund raise using traditional film fundraising methods. Our films are self-funded by the director. However, there are plans in motion to host fun events that will serve as fundraisers for our films. Also, as crowdfunding has become more popular, we feel we can use it as a method for fundraising as well.

I'm disabled, can I be in one of your films?

Absolutely! We strive to make entertaining and/or meaningful films. In order to do this, it is important to represent real life. Everyone is welcome.

How long has the director been making films?

Since 2002. She also makes documentaries for Ijaba Films.

Do you pay talent?

Yes, we do. We try to pay at least the industry minimum of $100/day for cast and crew. However, there may be small projects and roles where we don’t offer pay, i.e. we don’t plan to submit it to festivals or sell it. If we don’t offer pay, we do try to offer at least copies of the film, gas cards, meals, etc..

Will you pay my travel expenses so I can be in your film?

It depends. We make an effort to hire locally for our projects. Our policy is to offer to pay up to $100 for gas expenses for those driving from locations less than an 4 hours away. We don’t pay for travel expenses for out-of-state talent typically. We have offered in-home lodging for some projects and have definitely picked folks up from the airport, etc.

Do you ever post casting or crew calls?

Yes. If you are reliable and in the area your help may be needed. However, the first places we post casting or crew calls are (, and In the near future they will also be posted on our website.

Your films are weird. Why?

Yes, please.

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