Road Trip!

Well, not exactly. *Smile* Yes, I am hitting the road but not to drive from one side of the country to the other for fun and frolic. Our film noir drama, A Kiss, has been official for some time. The film is in pre-production and fundraising is underway. We kicked off Phase I of our fundraising plan by launching a rather slick looking campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign is nearing it’s end and we still have lots of loot to raise so now it’s time for phase II!

What is phase II of our fundraising plan?

I’m going to prep my SUV, back it up to a sweet trailer and take this show on the road. I love, love, love film! “A Kiss” is not just about the fantastic story, it’s also about the artistic qualities of the film medium. So I’ll be hitting the road and taking black & white photos on medium & Large format film cameras from the US South all the way to Canada!

These awesome photos will be available for sale in limited quantities and proceeds from each sale will go 100% toward the film budget. Oh and I’m sure I might be able to work in some fun and frolic. :-)


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